H’s brain is really growing and developing lately. I can tell because he laughed at a tv show. (Yes, really!)

We were watching Backyardigans and rocks started falling on the characters’ heads. And H giggled! Giggling is nothing new, but usually he’s pretty quiet throughout the show. Laughing at a funny part is new, and makes him seem like such a big boy!


A good way to scare your mommy is to get a fork out of the drawer, use it to pry off an outlet cover and then look charmingly up at her while she freaks out.

I’d include a picture of him looking up at me charmingly, but I’m not sure yet how I feel about showing his face on a blog. I can attach this picture of him looking charmingly down at the floor, in his new knitted-by-mommy hat.

He hates it, for some reason. He’s fine once it’s on, but putting it on is worth a tantrum. He loves last year’s hat that’s slightly too small. I might need to knit a re-creation of that one.

While I’m at it, I should probably document for posterity the best thing he’s said since ‘I love you’. I was crying yesterday (pms, etc.) and he said ‘It’s okay. It’s okay, Mommy.’ Awwwwwwwwwww.

the perils of living alone

There is no one else to deal with a large spider running off of the shirt you are pulling out of the drawer, so you are forced to drag the vacuum out of the basement and vacuum up the spider while your toddler (who is horribly afraid of the vacuum) screams and cries. And you still don’t have a shirt on. Delightful.

Knit swirl hat.

Love this swirl hat! I used Lion Brand Amazing for this one as well.

New knit hat!

New knit roll brim hat, with self-striping yarn (Lion Brand Amazing). Gotta even out a few of those stitches.

journal, hair dye

I’m considering backing up my paper journal to this blog.  I worry all the time that the house will burn down along with all my memories of H.  Every sweet thing he says, every new skill, all gone!  My memory isn’t very good, and I need reminders. 

I think it’s time to dye my hair again. I’ve let it grow out for a couple years, and it’s completely my natural hair color now, which bores me. It’s a perfectly fine brownish reddish blondeish color, but against my face it washes me out. Red looks much better on me. I’ve also considered bleaching my hair so I can dye it pink, but that seems like a lot of work for something that never shows when I leave the house.

Do I feel lucky?

Was considering avoiding such a cliche title, but the other title my brain liked was ‘blotto’. Clearly ‘do I feel lucky’ wins. 🙂

My husband bought me a lotto ticket so I could dream about the beach. So sweet. It makes me giggle for only a dollar, not bad.