Lately it seems like all manner of clerks have decided to flirt with me. It’s odd, unusual, akward. I’m not their age (perhaps a decade older!). I’m not looking particularly cute. I’m wearing fleece, or pajamas, or jeans and a shirt. Is it the hat? People do seem to notice my hat for some reason. Normal hat, bought at Target. Nothing to see here, move on please!


Ready to wean.

I finally feel ready to wean H. He’s 13 months, and while nursing longer would be better, it’s at the point where I am just. done. His latch is terrible, and always has been (we used nipple shields up until a month ago). And I feel really selfish, but my big reason for weaning is so I can try Rogaine. I want hair again! Wearing hats is a good solution most of the time, but I want to feel pretty again! And sometimes hats aren’t quite appropriate (nice restaurant, wedding, at work). I can start using self-tanner on my scalp again as well. I know I will feel really horrible the first time he gets sick post-weaning. Ugh. Mommy guilt. I guess this is just something I will have to get used to!

Trying something new.

My husband is not a talkative man. Well, he likes to talk when he likes to talk. Especially when drunk. But when I want to spew words at him talk, he doesn’t necessarily appreciate this. He gets home from work, and there’s something in me compelling me to tell him everysinglethingthathappenedtoday. He shuts me off because he doesn’t want to talk, and he doesn’t want to listen to me go on and on either! This is totally understandable, much as I complain about this to myself. But then he asks me a question 5 minutes after I’ve just told him the answer and I want to shoot him.

I want to say everything that’s in my head, otherwise it’ll just rattle around in my head for days.

So why don’t I just type it all to myself on this lovely little blog thing?

I think this could help my marriage, a lot.


Since we moved into our house early in the year, there was no way to know what many of the plants were or what color they would bloom if they were identifiable. So far we’ve discovered lilacs, a vibrant pink dogwood which my husband has uncharacteristically fallen in love with, and our rhododendron has revealed its fuchsia self.


My baby has a heartbeat! It also hates ultrasound, apparently.

My midwife was using the little handheld doppler to find the heartbeat, and the baby must have been moving around, because it took longer than it should have. She even put a new battery in the doppler so it would work better. As soon as my midwife found the heartbeat, the baby moved away again. She said the baby really seems to hate the ultrasound! She even wrote in my chart ‘baby hates doppler.’. Haha.

So I think we will avoid getting an ultrasound unless something comes up later in pregnancy. I don’t really want to subject the baby to something it hates! The good news is not knowing the baby’s sex will save us from getting pink princess outfits or only blue sports outfits.

Okay, I haven’t done this yet. But apparently this week (week 15) my baby would move if I shined a flashlight on my belly. I wouldn’t feel it move yet though. Very eagerly anticipating movement!

Lately I’ve noticed some pain when I sneeze. I wonder if it’s my abdominal muscles separating. This might get very ouchy as I get bigger and bigger…

Pregnancy and low vitamin D

Interesting results from my prenatal blood testing.

My midwife says my vitamin D level is ‘really really really low’ (yes, she used three reallys!). As in 33 when the range is 30-150. This is surprising because I normally take 1,000 units daily, and I upped to 4,000 units since a few weeks after conception. 4,000 units is a very large dose (the RDA is 200 units, just enough to prevent rickets), so I am amazed that my level can still be so low!!!! Anyway, she wants me at 20,000 units for the forseeable future. That’s the amount of D you might get with 20 minutes of sunlight.

I wonder what’s up with my body – maybe it doesn’t process vitamin D well?? I’m glad she decided to test my vitamin D levels, I thought it would be unnecessary because of the dose I was taking, but sheesh!