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Bad hair news.

Bad news from the dermatologist. I have female pattern hair loss, which basically means I’m balding and there’s not much to be done about it. It’s like male baldness, but for females. The same hormone sensitivity is at play. (Note: my hormones aren’t out of whack, it’s just that the receptors on my head have developed a higher sensitivity.)

The hair loss is treatable with Rogaine or another medicine, but there’s not much point in treating it since I’m planning on becoming pregnant soon. Neither medicine is good for growing fetuses. (Fetii?)

So. Wigs it’ll be for me until I’m done having kids. I’m feeling strangely at peace with the whole situation. Having an actual answer means I can actually proceed and deal with it, rather than sitting and waiting. I’m going to the local wig shop tomorrow to try things on!


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My hair, the changeling.


I get compliments on my hair all the time. It’s weird for me, since otherwise I’m a pretty average, blend into the background kind of girl. But people come up to me at least weekly to announce that they love my hair, that it’s beautiful, that they wish they were so lucky to have naturally red hair. And I say, ‘Thanks – so do I!’. They stare at me for a second and then realize what I mean. ‘Really?? You dye it? It’s not natural? Wow! It really looks natural! You have the complexion of a redhead’ and on and on.

Now, I don’t mind the attention, since it always comes when I’m at work and in people mode anyway, but sometimes I do get creepy comments from men, and those bother me. (Is that your, ahem, natural hair color? )

The thing I love most about my hair, is that the henna lets my natural highlights and tones show through. So it looks completely different depending on the lighting.

Indoor lamp light:


Natural light on a greyish day:

natural low light

And a close up just for fun:


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Self-tanner for thinning hair.

As some of you know (Hi, folks from LHC!), my hair has thinned dramatically over the past year. I can’t wear it down due to serious scalp show through. (I’m talking almost bald.)

For fancy occasions, I have been using Toppik, which works great. It’s a colored powder that you sprinkle around to cover up the bare scalp, making it look like you have much more hair than you do. This stuff is expensive though, and a pain to use, since scratching one’s head will lead to splotchiness.

So, I had a flash of insight the other day, looking at my coworker’s thinning hair. All of a sudden I thought:


Why not tan my scalp? I’ve never used fake tan before, so I was a bit nervous, but I bought a lotion and then just rubbed it all over my scalp. I’ve applied twice, and can already see a huge difference! My hair even seems to like it (lotion=deep conditioning treatment?) I can’t wait until I can wear my hair down again! So, if you’re having similar issues, you might want to try some tan in a can!

UPDATE: I am re-posting this from LHC, and with just one more application, I wore my hair down yesterday!!!! To the store, to the park, oh my gosh, I haven’t worn it down in so long! It is a great feeling not to have to hide one’s hair/scalp. Really, really, really great.

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