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Since we moved into our house early in the year, there was no way to know what many of the plants were or what color they would bloom if they were identifiable. So far we’ve discovered lilacs, a vibrant pink dogwood which my husband has uncharacteristically fallen in love with, and our rhododendron has revealed its fuchsia self.


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Not much to report anymore. Most of the nausea and bad symptoms have disappeared. I mostly feel great! I’ve puked a couple times, because apparently my supplements no longer agree with me. I discovered a great way to get them down: eat each one with a bite of applesauce.

My lower belly sticks out in a way that it didn’t before. It’s a bit more rounded, and I think it would be more obvious if my boobs hadn’t also grown, throwing the proportions off. I wonder how much longer before people at work start suspecting. I’d say I have a while; my uniform top is a baggy sweatshirt (I work at a gym).

I had my second appointment with my midwives, and my husband came along this time! He approves, which is a big relief. She tried to listen to the baby’s heartbeat with the doppler, but couldn’t find it. I was concerned, but she said it was still a bit soon to hear it, and let me feel my uterus so I’d know I was progressing. It was really, really neat to feel my uterus! It’s not like something I can feel every day. Being pregnant is only going to get more exciting from here.

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A great year.

I got engaged, I got married, I got pregnant, I bought a house. Wow! That’s pretty crazy when you look at it that way. I can’t believe I just did 4 huge things in one year, when most years of my life I did zero. I even did tons of littler things, like start this blog, have an overnight sleep study, and travel to Kentucky. Most years those would be the big things!

Hooray for 2009 and I am excited for 2010, which will include conclusions of some of those big things (like closing on the house and having the kid).

Ideas for 2010:

More pictures on my blog. Maybe I’ll start doing a belly shot every week.

Okay, that’s my one idea that doesn’t involve the house or the baby. So I’ll leave it at that. Merry 2009, blog, nice to have met you.

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Week 9

I’m so frustrated this week. Of course this is holiday time, with family members visiting left and right, so no wonder I’m testy. But I really don’t enjoy taking it out on my husband. He has been rather understanding that pregnant wife = grumpy wife and that I can’t really help it. Actually he has been really great overall so far. He’s not even freaked out. Let’s see what happens when I start to show.

I need to counteract this negativity with some things that are great.

Loving the lime tea I got from my mom.

We are buying a house, and will be home soon.

The elephants upstairs moved out.

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Week 7

The biggest event of week 7 has been desperate cravings, followed by disgust partially through said craved item.

I can’t plan meals at all, because I don’t know what I’ll like the next day, much less the next week!

I think everything smells bad, including my poor husband, who has been taking it rather well when I tell him to please face away from me when talking since I can smell his breath. (Really, I do this. It’s terrible, but I can’t help my weird scent preferences! It’s either him turn away, or nausea!) He normally smells quite good and not stinky at all. I can’t wait for this symptom to pass.

I met my midwives today – they are great!

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House, life.

John and I made an offer on a house and it has been accepted! We are both so excited to move forward on this, finally. Living in an apartment is so noisy and confining. There’s no chance to get outside, as our ‘yard’ is currently shared space, frequently infiltrated by small children with no adult supervision. How wonderful it will be to have a large, fenced space that I can prance in, sit in, eat in, and grow in.

It is amazing all the things that must be purchased for a home. The current owners are taking their refrigerator with them, so we have to buy one, along with a washer and dryer. Those are three pretty large purchases! Of course we have budgeted for this, so it will be doable. But still, I don’t think either John or I am prepared for spending so much money all at once! I think it’s going to be a bit of a shock for a fairly frugal and money-conscious couple such as ourselves.

Things have been changing like crazy around here, what with getting pregnant and buying a house. So much upheaval! It’s all wonderful and happy and thrilling upheaval, but upheaval nonetheless. How do people handle life changes with calm and grace? I guess we will (hopefully) find out.

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Bye bye husband.

John flew out this morning for an ENTIRE WEEK in Boston. Sheesh. I am going to miss him. I don’t think we have been apart this long since we met! My friend’s husband just shipped out for 6 months in Afghanistan, so I’m not complaining too much. Just a little.

He’s going for some work-related training. It’s not a bad deal – last time he even made a few dollars with the per diem. He usually gets sent to California, but this one is only available in Boston. A friend from college lives there, so he will get to visit a friend, have some training, and maybe see a couple Boston sights.

And me? I might try to completely clean and organize the apartment while he’s gone. I will definitely need something to keep myself from being lonely.

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