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Back to basics

Sometimes you just need something simple.  And dare I say it, even a little bit boring.


These are great for when you’d look a bit under-dressed without earrings, but you’d look over-dressed if you wore anything particularly interesting.


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Our Wedding Rings

My wedding ring is actually a set of 4 rings, sterling silver and handmade.  I ordered them from Sprout Online, and they are just perfect for me!  I wear two on the third finger of each hand.  I like feeling hugged by rings on both sides, plus it makes me feel better when it’s symmetrical.


My husband originally wasn’t going to wear a ring, which was fine by me.  He’s not a sentimental type, or an ‘extra thing on my body’ type.  But, his coworkers were bugging him about it, and he sometimes has a hard time ignoring silly bits of peer pressure.

So, we made a stop at Kohl’s, and found this for 14 dollars.  It was sterling silver, and in the women’s section (my husband has skinny fingers).  It looks good on him though, and you’d never suspect it’s not a men’s ring.  He’s already scratched it up a lot, but at 14 dollars, we can afford to buy him a new one from time to time!


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I was browsing Etsy, and it seemed like everything that caught my eye was a circle!  Not only that, but an enamel circle.  Okay, there was one circle that wasn’t enamel, but it’ll have to wait for another post.  The theme has taken over!

Round Rabbit:


Sol De Sur:




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As a special treat to myself (I don’t usually spend more than 5 bucks on jewelry),  I ordered these cute and relevant earrings from Made With Molecules. Cute, because, well, they are cute! And relevant, since I struggle with ADHD. I got a mismatched pair – one dopamine, for generally feeling good, and one norepinephrine, which is involved in focus and energy.


My husband is a chemist, so I thought he’d love them. Of course, he had to get technical and point out that they were not completely accurate representations of the molecules. Has he never heard of a thing called artistic license??? Anyway, I love them, which is all that matters.

Here’s the dopamine:


And the norepinephrine:


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