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I feel tired, and thus I do not feel like uploading pictures and making a cute entry.  I decided to pass on a link to one of the most useful sites on the internet.

Mon.thly.info (yes, that’s the url), lets you track your periods and will even notify you at whatever times you pick to let you know that you might be ovulating, or starting your pms. I have it send me an email 7 days before my predicted start date, to warn me that my moods are probably hormonally altered. It keeps me from telling my husband I want to divorce him on a monthly basis. It also helps my husband know that I’m not insane. 😉

Now, this site probably wouldn’t be helpful in the same ways if your cycles are irregular, but it is still a great way to chart, notice patterns, and keep a record. Enjoy!


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I was browsing Etsy, and it seemed like everything that caught my eye was a circle!  Not only that, but an enamel circle.  Okay, there was one circle that wasn’t enamel, but it’ll have to wait for another post.  The theme has taken over!

Round Rabbit:


Sol De Sur:




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