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A good way to scare your mommy is to get a fork out of the drawer, use it to pry off an outlet cover and then look charmingly up at her while she freaks out.

I’d include a picture of him looking up at me charmingly, but I’m not sure yet how I feel about showing his face on a blog. I can attach this picture of him looking charmingly down at the floor, in his new knitted-by-mommy hat.

He hates it, for some reason. He’s fine once it’s on, but putting it on is worth a tantrum. He loves last year’s hat that’s slightly too small. I might need to knit a re-creation of that one.

While I’m at it, I should probably document for posterity the best thing he’s said since ‘I love you’. I was crying yesterday (pms, etc.) and he said ‘It’s okay. It’s okay, Mommy.’ Awwwwwwwwwww.


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Love this swirl hat! I used Lion Brand Amazing for this one as well.

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New knit hat!

New knit roll brim hat, with self-striping yarn (Lion Brand Amazing). Gotta even out a few of those stitches.

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Since we moved into our house early in the year, there was no way to know what many of the plants were or what color they would bloom if they were identifiable. So far we’ve discovered lilacs, a vibrant pink dogwood which my husband has uncharacteristically fallen in love with, and our rhododendron has revealed its fuchsia self.

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Doughnut hearts:

Paper hearts:

Those doughnut hearts didn’t taste very good, but they were cute!

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Out and about.

(Pictures from a pre-Thanksgiving walk.)

We spent Thanksgiving in Kentucky, and I found out I’m pregnant.

Thrilled beyond words.

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More pictures from the new camera. 


Still learning how to edit photos.  Getting better though!


Gotta love the digital zoom.



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