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Our Wedding Rings

My wedding ring is actually a set of 4 rings, sterling silver and handmade.  I ordered them from Sprout Online, and they are just perfect for me!  I wear two on the third finger of each hand.  I like feeling hugged by rings on both sides, plus it makes me feel better when it’s symmetrical.


My husband originally wasn’t going to wear a ring, which was fine by me.  He’s not a sentimental type, or an ‘extra thing on my body’ type.  But, his coworkers were bugging him about it, and he sometimes has a hard time ignoring silly bits of peer pressure.

So, we made a stop at Kohl’s, and found this for 14 dollars.  It was sterling silver, and in the women’s section (my husband has skinny fingers).  It looks good on him though, and you’d never suspect it’s not a men’s ring.  He’s already scratched it up a lot, but at 14 dollars, we can afford to buy him a new one from time to time!



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