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So, as mentioned in my last post, my husband is out of town.  For me, this means cleaning and organizing.  And, today is just one of those days where I am energetic and raring to go.  The combination of these two things has led to superproductivity!

I present to you:

Cloth pad modeled after a Glad Rags liner, but really, these things are simple.  Cut a few oval-y shapes, sew, add a snap, and you’re done.   I’ve never made one before, and it was a breeze!


It’s not the most beautiful thing ever, or perfectly sewn, but it’s not like it needs to look pretty to do it’s job!  😀

 Next up, a bracelet that got a bit too long for my wrist, and might be a necklace instead.  It’s not finished yet, since I don’t know what it is.




Well, I need to get to work, so that’s all for now, but stay tuned because I’m sure there will be more ‘missing my husband’ projects to share.


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Quilt Blocks in Progress

Here are a few quilt blocks I’ve made lately.


I’m new at this, so they are a bit wonky, but I like them that way! They are, however, not quite as wonky as they look in these pictures.


I was never interested in quilting due to the careful measuring and piecing, and the major potential for messing the whole thing up. My method of quilting is ‘throw a bunch of stuff together haphazardly’. I think it pains my very methodical and lovely quilter friend.


I can’t wait until I have enough blocks for an entire quilt. I plan to use an old blanket as the batting. Any advice as to whether that’s a good or bad idea would be appreciated.


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